The third stage

The third stage of the relationship isn’t as hard as the second stage. This stage is called the Disturbance/opinion maker stage.

Disturbance/opinion maker

In this stage you would learn to make opinions about your partner and there might be other disturbances there too. The both of you would make opinions of each other in this stage, whether those opinions are good or bad but they will decide the fate of the relationship. Sometimes the relationship opinion making can be difficult and one member would back down and that could lead them to stage 6.

Here when making opinions you would be thankful for them for being honest and you guys could clear the way to easily move to the next stage. But sometimes the truth isn’t always the right choice to say out. The truth to some couples can be a bad thing and it can have a big effect on the relationship.

When making the opinions don’t attack the person with those opinions but instead attack the issue. Attacking the person is not gonna end up in a good result but the issue can help them understand better.

While making these opinions or arguing then you could reassure your partner. Remind them that there are things that both of you guys agree on. This is important because you are also showing your partner that you respect your partner’s opinion.

The love between you and your partner should conquer all. When love between your partner and you are good enough to consider good you both should know for a thing that your love is stronger than all opinion.

Most happy couples are all tied with true love, those couples always involve attention, discipline, awareness, effort, and being able to make sacrifices for each other. They will be able to make sacrifices even when making opinions.





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