The second stage of a relationship

This is the second stage of a usual relationship. Usually in a normal relationship where you don’t rush it you might have to go through a bunch of stages. This is the second stage of the relationship

The Power Struggle

In this stage both partners would see the bad side of each other. But past this stage the other part of a relationship won’t be as difficult as this stage. In this stage both partners would tend to see the bad side of each other. They wouldn’t be as nice to each other or probably as supportive to each other. This is only the beginning because it will get worse, but don’t worry it will eventually pass to the next stage to the other stages.

When you actually go past the hate then you would go to the part where you want your partner to be who you thought they were, so you would try in any way possible to make that happen, whatever it takes. Sometimes you would start imagining your partner differently. But like the first effect this will go away soon.

Also a common thing here would be more arguments and also there would be a lot of times when you ask yourself questions you will come to regret. More arguments isn’t that bad because they can be healthy in a way but just try to not let them get out of hand because if they do then you would experience more difficulties. Asking regrettable questions also isn’t good because these questions can lead to having doubts about your partner and that isn’t good. So try to stay away from asking questions you would regret to ask yourself and a good example would be ‘Is she really worth all my time and effort, if it’s too difficult then maybe this just isn’t meant to be.’ Never ask that question.

The worst this can get would be one partner pulling away and trying to get some space away from whatever you have developed. Be careful of this because having some space means they would be out somewhere and if she is in some kind of sadness, she would be desperate and would talk to the first guy she sees. He would then try flirting with her and things would go badly for you and for her. SO don’t give her too much space.



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