Dangerous Plants

For people that like to travel you should see some of these plants first, just to be safe. These plants may seem like they are no harm but if not properly eaten these plants can cause quite a scene and can really be dangerous.


The daphne plant, also known as the spurge laurel, lady laurel, paradise plant is a dangerous plant. All parts of the daphne plant is dangerous especially the bark, sap, and berries. If it is only chewed and not swallowed it will cause burning in the mouth and the throat. Mezerein, an acid that can produce acid that cause severe skin irritation and daphne are very active toxins.

daphne (dangerous).jpg

Deadly Nightshade

This plant is dangerous on all parts of it and can give a poison called tropane alkaloids. These plants belong in the Solenaceae family, the same as the potato and tomato. They might look tasty and edible because of the color but it is not a good idea to do so.

posin nightshade.jpg

Rhododendron (Rhododendron ponticum)

This deadly flower looking plant is a deadly plant. It is very dangerous in the nectar and the poison it inflict can cause shock, low blood pressure and even death. Many people has been affected by this plants while in the wild.rhododendron-rhododendron-ponticum


This flowery plants are dangerous not because of their flower but because of the steams. Their stems can cause serious but not deadly digestive issues to the people. iris.jpg


This innocent looking plant is actually more dangerous than you think it is. Sure it’s the plant you must kiss if you are under it but do you know what happens if it is digested? Once disgusted 5 or more of the berries you will see some symptoms. They include stomach and intestine distress, a slowed heartbeat and other reactions.



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