Things To Make Content About

Bloggers and other people that write or just provide content for other people indeed always try to make their content interesting or maybe unique. And usually we run out of ideas and highly likely start to write about the same kind of thing and then try to make a series out of it, including myself. But they all learned that, that strategy work because people eventually get bored and then your views would drop and you would lose hope in ever succeeding. So let’s find some things you can use to make content about, shall we?


Many people love DIYs and it may just boost up your views for a while until you have to find another thing to make content about. There researches that show that was a 47% improvement to homes thanks to DIYs. It doesn’t matter what age you are you can do DIY but usually people that do these things are from the ages of 33 to 54. It DNA be hard and DIYers try to find an influence.


These kind of guides it just guides in general can be quiet important to people that neeed help. If they are desperate enough then they would probably just click on the first video or link or blog they can find about the things they need help with whether it is simple or not. This can be a lot of help to people for s while and can get you s bunch of followers that will last for a long time unless your content starts to make it look like you don’t care anymore.

Write a short story

If trying to help them in a way of giving advice doesn’t work then maybe try approaching them in a different way. A way that involves more work but would be good reward if people can see how good it is. I suggest writing a short story maybe a few pages or chapters. But you should only try this if you have a lot of freetime, you are a creative person or you really like to write.


People like seeing amazing views right? Well maybe if you try photography then maybe you can steal a bunch of views in for a while and then maybe after a week or two you should probably wanna change subjects unless you re always traveling then maybe your deadline is from 1 to 2 years of doing it but that’s only if your are always traveling. It probably worth it to get a lot of views in just short notice.


Us human beings typically don’t like to red or research a lot of stuff right? Well maybe you can try to make it easier for those people and make like a list, for example top five ways to kill a bear. By making their job easier that allows you to get more views because people can just look at your list instead of doing research or maybe reading a lot, don’t do this is your viewers like to read because it will ruin things for them.


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