Outstanding Views PT. 2

More amazing views that have been found. Today’s views to me are by far the best that I have found. Really need to convince parents to take me there. Enjoy!!!!

31. The Neuschwanstein Castle Winter, Germany.

This outstanding looking castle is pretty much a snow castle but it is real and not a fake one. I’m guessing it only look this beautiful around the winter times because in the summer or non-snowy times it wouldn’t look as good as this right here. image1(5).JPG

32. Northern Lights, Ersfjordbotn, Norway.

Ever wanted to see the rare Northern lights, because if you did you can either go to the place in Norway or just enjoy the awesomeness  of this picture. It looks amazing though.image2(5).JPG

33. Sun Set At Mt. Rainier, Mount Rainier National Park, West Washington State,USA.

Be prepared to see one of the most amazing looking sun sets ever. The colors of it just blend with the mountain so good and this photo was so well times, props to the photographer.image3(5).JPG

34. Frozen Waterfall, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Everybody likes waterfalls right? Well would you like a waterfall better if it was frozen? Yep you read it, a frozen waterfall. This looks cool but imagine jumping from the top to the bottom. And notice that gentleman at the bottom enjoying the view.image4(5).JPG

35. 100 Million Year Old Wave Rock, Hyden, Australia.

What’s the first thing that came to your mind when seeing this? My first thought was that a tsunami was approaching a desert and then a sandstorm came and completely turned it to rock and got harder as the years went by. I can’t for sure know why it looks like this, could be a perfectly timed sandstorm and I got the wrong information. image5(5).JPG


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