Entertaining People

Want to be a class clown but couldn’t because you aren’t funny or people don’t like your jokes. Well here are some ways you can try to become a class clown.

1. Time your jokes and don’t always try to make a joke

When trying to make people laugh or entertain them you must know that making a joke needs timing. You must know when to say a joke and wtiming.jpghen not too.

Also don’t make jokes too frequently because people can get annoyed by you very easily and probably will get bored of you.




2. Be sarcastic and make a practical joke

To make a joke funny maybe try something new. Be sarcastic more often and if that doesn’t work maybe try to do a practical joke. For example maybe try doing a prank on your teacher and that would grab people’s attention.sarcasm.jpg

3. Know your audience and pick a target.

You must know the people you are telling the joke to. The kind of joke you will say to people will depend on the situation. Also pick your target when telling a joke. If you don’t know your target then the joke would be an open joke and not all of the people would get it. know-audience

4. Try to always be happy/smile when trying to tell a joke

When telling a joke, people must know it’s funny so what must you do? You must smile and always be cheerful when trying to tell a joke or make people laugh. Smiling can let people know that what you are saying is a joke.smile.jpg





5.  Be Gross, Be Weird, Use Voices.

If normal kind of humor doesn’t run in your class then try a humor that fits your class. Like maybe making gross jokes or if that means you gotta be weird. But maybe your class the kind of humor they enjoy are the humors that involve funny voices, whether it’s a deep voice or a really high-pitched voice.voices.jpg


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