5 Foods that are surprisingly healthy

Almost everybody wants to be healthy and have a long life with no worries of diseases to bother their life. And there are really obvious ways to be healthy like eat more vegetables and etc.. But I have compiled some interesting foods that are healthy that you think might not be healthy.

1.  Beef Brain

Beef brain is considered healthy because of its vitamin content, mineral content, protein/healthy fat and health concerns. Each 4-ounce portion of beef brain contains 12.3 grams of protein, the mineral content also contributes to its nutritional value. It serves as an especially rich source of selenium and copper, beef brain also is a good source of vitamin B-5 and B-15, and last of all with all these benefits come one disadvantage which is that it can cause some serious health issue.

2. Purple potatoes

A lot of potatoes contain/carry a lot of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber in them but thanks to these purple potatoes the amount of antioxidants are 4 times more because of the purplifying body-protecting chemical anthocyanin they contain. As to research these can reduce up to 4% blood pressure and maybe stop blood diseases.


This tropical fruit grown in south America is actually considered healthy. The Cherimoya being high in iron, fiber, niacin, cholesterol free, and also contains powerful cytotoxins that may go against cancer, malaria and human parasites. These fruits can provide us with high potassium levels that can help control the heart rate and blood pressure.

4. Durian

Durian to some people are known as the smelly fruit and that’s true, it is smelly but it is really delicious, but it also is healthy too. The durian like other fruits contain a lot of  energy, minerals and vitamins, potassium, and also contains a lot of B-complex  group of vitamins/also a good source of vitamin C.

5. Kohlrabi

This vegetable is healthy but it doesn’t look delicious one bit at all. This fruit contains a lot of vitamin and dietary fat. But it only have 27 calories in every 100g which is a reasonable amount of fat and no cholesterol. The leaves or tops contain vitamin C, vitamin K, minerals and B complex groups of vitamins. The small amount of flesh contain a little vitamin A and carotene.



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