Outstanding places

What happened? I was just wondering what happen to the last part of this series. Did people lose interest or was it that I published it oo late and no one bothered to look at it. Well please let me know if you are still enjoying this.

26. This place looks like it’s a painting but trust me it’s not a painting. It’s the Terraced rice field YuanYang, China.image14

27. Ever wanted to live off the side of a mountain before, and every morning just walk out to the balcony and then enjoy the ocean view. Well this happen in Portofino, Italy.image2(4).JPG

28. This is a beautiful view of a mountain that has cherry trees around it. May I present Cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji,  Japan.image3(4).JPG

29. Experience a amazing sunset over the Emerald lake, Yoho National park, British Columbia, Canada. This sunset not only looks amazing it also is getting reflected thanks to the lake.image4(4).JPG

30. This special garden not only is colorful it also has a lot of rare looking plants in it. The garden just in general look pretty.image5(4).JPG


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