Bullying is a problem in many schools and in many countries. Well at least at my school it isn’t a problem but that ain’t what we gonna be discussing today. Today we will be talking about the ways to solve or just deal with bullying. And to warn you not all these are advised you should do.

  1. When getting bullied the best way is to probably tell a teacher or relatives. They can deal with the bully for you, don’t be afraid of telling the teacher.tell teacher.jpg
  2.  If you are afraid of telling the teacher then another good way is to just avoid the bully as much as possible. If you see them somewhere just walk the other way and pretend you never saw them.avoif bully.jpg
  3. Let’s say you have failed to avoid the bully then maybe try outsmarting them, I have believed that most bullies aren’t smart so take advantage of that and outsmart the bully. It might embarrass themoutsmart bully.jpg
  4. Try to understand the bully and why he is doing this. Then maybe try helping the bully with the problem and then be friends.bully firend.jpg
  5. And last of all if none of these work you only have one choice left. Learn how to stand up for yourself. Maybe learn martial arts if that helps with standing up for yourself.stand up for self.jpg

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