Cheese Recipes

Today’s topic is gonna be about dishes that you can make with cheese. I have selected 5 recipes that involve cheese in it. If your favorite dish wasn’t mentioned  be sure to comment it in the comment section because I would love to see some interesting dishes.

  1. This recipe uses the cheese as the frosting of the cake. It might sound disgusting to some people but to me it looks delicious and also it might taste good. Check out the recipe.

cake+cream cheese frosting.jpg

2. This next one is a combination of 2 of my favorite foods. Crab mac ‘n’ cheese bake. I gotta try to make this myself or at least find a way to eat it. Recipe.crab-mac-n-cheese-bake.jpg

3. This next one has one of the things almost everyone likes…I think. It’s buffalo chicken cheese balls. People like buffalo chicken and also people like cheese right? Recipe.buffalo chicken mixed cheese.jpeg

4. The 4th recipe is gonna be a bit of a healthy one….well it looks healthy to me. It contains no meat in it and the recipe looks healthy. Wanna make it, here’s a recipe.easter-tart

5. The last recipe is an interesting one because I have no clue what it is but it sounds and looks Delicious. Be sure to check it out if you don’t know it. Recipe.focacia.jpeg



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