Beautiful Places PT. 5

As you guessed it, there is a part 5 to this topic. It’s intersting there are places in the world that are this beautiful and cool. And I would like to give a huge thanks to the people visitting my site and following me, it means a lot to me you guys do this.

21.This one is not really considered a beautiful place, but is more of a extraordinary place because it’s kinda evil looking and cool. The Blood River, Devil’s Pupil, Gartness, Scotland.image1(3).JPG22. This next area is a more nice place to visit. The beautiful Cherry River, West Virginia, USA. image2(3).JPG

23.This one is a nice place for maybe some fishing or boat riding or maybe picnic. Looks nice and peaceful with a nice breeze to it. The Sand Harbor, San Antonio, USA.image3(3).JPG

24. The mountains and the lake with the forest mixed together you would get a nice destination for tourists or hikers to visit. The Morain lake, Banff National Park, Canada.image4(3).JPG

25. The Papafragas Beach, Milos Island, Greece is a wonderful looking beach and would be a nice place to maybe take a walk around, maybe relax there but doesn’t look comfortable for relaxing though. image5(3).JPG


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