Who’s right???

Usually in an argument with your parents your parents is usually right most the time. Well I am here to talk about that issue.

Usually if it’s a experienced based problem almost all the time your parents are right because they have more experience in that than we do and usually many still do it even though they were told not too including myself. argument-b-mom-and-son

Parents have more wisdom than us and with wisdom comes good decisions. Kids like to not listen to their parents and like to think that parents know nothing at all. It’s hard for a kid to admit that parents are wise and you should listen to them.

They have power over us. No matter what you do even if you think it is right, it is the parent that decide whether that decision or action is right or wrong. It is them that will correct us from wrong to right and they keep us from making bad decisions that could affect our future.


And of course there is the other side of the argument that states parents aren’t always right. So now let’s discuss about this side of the argument.

It’s a fact that humans can’t always be right or be perfect, it’s just impossible. And our parents are human beings like everybody else, so they can’t be right our every issue right?op qoute.jpg

Usually when a dad or mom is about to lose an argument with you they would distract you. What I mean “by distract you” is that they would usually let you do a chore or go to your room if they are about to lose an argument because let’s face it, no body likes to lose right? So that is exactly what a parent would do.

Sometimes our parents had bad influences in life and made a lot of bad decisions. So then they would probably lead you to making bad decisions like themselves.


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