Beautiful Places PT. 4

Of course there is gonna be a part 4 because of all the support there has been on the last 3 parts. To be honest I also enjoy looking at these amazing pictures and is delighted to share it with you guys.

16. This beautiful waterfall located in the deep forest of the Plitvice Lakes Public Park, Croatia is a amazing place just to spend an afternoon there or maybe have a picnic, if they allow.image12

17. This mountain located in Restonica Valley in Corsica, France looks amazing for hikers but definitely not for boat riders.image2(2).JPG18. The Glowworm Cave in New Zealand looks nothing but magical. Step inside and experience the true power of the glowworm.image3(2).JPG

19. The Blue Grotto on the Almafi  Coast is another cave in Italy that would be a perfect place for explorers especially exploring it at night. image4(2).JPG20. The Athabasca Falls Canyon, Alberta, Canada is an amazing place for canoe riding and as you can see here there is a canoe rider down there giving us the I-had-the-best-time-of-my-life look.image5(2).JPG





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