Dog Adoption

Ever thought of or wanted to adopt a dog before. Well most of you are gonna say yes because dogs are just amazing and having 1 as a pet would be awesome. But too bad I can’t have one because my parents hate pets. Ok, so dogs like any other animal have advantages and disadvantage. And today I will be talking about those disadvantages plus advantages.


1. House protection when away.

Lets say you left your house and went on vacation and decide the dog should just stay home. Well that dog can protect your house from thieves, robberies and other bad things. Well of course the dog can’t protect it from natural disasters. So you could train your dog to learn how to guard then it can be like your house’s bodyguard when you are not home. You won’t have to worry about a thing, so have fun.

2. Dogs are fun. 

Like I mention in the title dogs are fun. So let’s say you don’t want a bodyguard dog but instead wanted a dog to play with. Well train it to be a playful dog and your days of being bored will be over. Or let’s say you are alone, well don’t worry because you have a dog with you. A dog is a good company you can have by your side . Also your kids can play with the dog and hopefully the dog can also help not make the baby cry too much.

3. Dogs help make you active/boosts moods

If you have a dog you would understand this. But if not I will explain. When you have a dog as a pet it will most likely want you to take it out for a walk at least twice a day. So if you are a lazy person get a dog and you will be more active. And if you failed your exam or your girlfriend broke up with you, well a dog can help boost up your mood and hopefully be able to cheer you up. Dogs can pretty much put a depressed person into a cheerful and active person.

4. Lower chances of getting common diseases

It’s true that dog owners are less likely to get a common disease than a non dog owner where they will have a higher chance for getting a common disease. The reason for this is the dog releases more germs to humans that would strengthen the human immune system, but whereas non dog owners become more weaker and would get sick easily.

5. Improve kid’s reading skills

There have been researches where they found that kids would sometimes read to their dogs. This can be a huge help to reading skills and is a good benefit. This would help the kid be more familiar with the words in a book and also would improve on his/her reading skill a lot.


1. Costs 

Having a dog can be fun and all but you are forgetting one thing. It’s the costs. Dogs are expensive and we all know it. Some can be up to thousands of dollars, just for a dog. So if you are willing to spend that kind of money on a dog then go for it.

2. Time commitment

Having a dog is pretty much like having a child. You must put your time into watching it, feeding it, taking care of it and pretty much everything you need to do for a baby. Well except for changing its diapers and maybe some other stuff. It also takes a lot of time to train it to the kind of dog you want it to be like.

3. The dogs poop

If you are a person who is completely disgusted when seeing things like poop. Well good luck with a dog that literally can poop anywhere it want, unless you train it. But if you can afford to hire someone to do it for you then good for you. But for people who is disgusted by poop and can’t hire someone to do it, maybe having a dog isn’t such a good idea.

4. Traveling issues

Traveling with a dog can be tough, so some people decide to leave their dogs home. So when leaving your dog at home then that would mean you would have to find a person to take care of the dog for you and that would cost even more money.

5. Life span ending

Dogs like any other animal or thing have a limited life span. You would live the dog, take care of it and getting used to have it as company. But when the dark day arrive you would be in a very sad mood and probably nothing can ever make you the person you were again.


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