Beautiful places pt.3

Well I guessed that people like the first 2 and so I decided to make a third one. And don’t worry there are plenty more of these photos coming, but only if you keep up the great support.Also if you want me to give more of my opinions on each of these be sure to like the post or click the follow button for more great blogs coming. Enjoy!!

11. This amazing looking mountain…doesn’t really look like a mountain though but I think it is even though it’s probably more or a volcano…maybe…. This guy is located at “The Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA.”


12. This waterfall is known to be called the Bridal Veil Falls located in Keystone Canyon, North Valdez, Alaska. It is a place where kids enjoy to go there and a nice place to spend some quality family time.


13. This piece of rock is located in the Garden of Gods, Colorado Springs, USA. This isn’t just any piece of rock, this piece of rock is somehow balanced on a small platform. Looks kinda dangerous but at least it can look amazing for a while until it fall off, maybe.image4(1).JPG

14. This picture is so amazing that I thought it was fake, but since I got the location, I believed I was real. It’s you guys to judge this picture if it’s fake or not. It’s located at Bouddi National Park, Australia.


15. This Mountain/Waterfall is located in the Karijini National Park, Australia. It looks outstanding from top to bottom and getting a picture of me taken there would have been awesome, too bad it looks way too dangerous for me. image1(1).JPG






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