Dealing with internal grief

Many people have many different ways of dealing with internal grief whether it is by doing something physically or something mentally. But not all these ways are good for you though, some might end up in bad results. So I am here to suggest my top 5  ways of dealing with grief without hurting yourself too much physically.

  1.  Give it some time. One of the best ways to deal with it is to just let time deal with it. Time usually can heal mental grief easily whether it can take weeks or months, you just gotta be patientTIme is key.jpg
  2.  Go to a close friend or maybe family members and stay away from making life changing decisions. It’s obvious that if you’re in grief you should just visit some trusted people but trying to make major decisions while grieving? Bad idea, you will end up regretting that decision or it might have a bad impact on you. Try making a major decision and maybe you would end up doing this afterwards…regret.jpg
  3. Accept it. You should know for a fact why you are feeling the grief. So one of the best way is to probably accept it, and I know sometimes it might not be your fault or maybe it’s not fair or something but life is never fair and I found that out the not-so-good way. accpetance.jpg
  4.  Do something that you enjoy and try to forget about the grief, whatever the grief is.  Sometimes in life you just gotta try to forget about grieves, and what are some of the ways you can forget them easily. Well here are some just for an idea:+Listen to your favorite song at one of your favorite places

    +Watch your favorite TV show or favorite movie

    +Read your favorite book/Novelbaby listen song.jpg


    If you are more of a person that likes to get physical you can try getting a pillow or something soft and then punch it as hard and as many times as you want or can.  This has proven to help many people and at the same time you are not injuring yourself. pillow punch.jpg









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