Beautiful Places pt. 2

This is the second part, continuing from the first one. If things go good I can make a part three so to let me know make sure to leave a like and maybe click the follow button to see more blog posts. Also I forgot to mention, I wasn’t paid to talk about these places or anything, I just liked them and don’t hate.

6. Look at how this fascinating lagoon/lake was formed. Almost a perfect oval and if you wanna visit it, it is at Kornati National Park, Croatia.


7. Look a the way this mountian was gracefully fromed by mother nature. You should really visit this place too, it’s at The Napali coast, Kauai, Hawaii.


8.  This mountain looks safe but it’s actually not as safe as you think. This mountain is surrounded by many snowy mountains and glaciers can appear. If you wanna visit it’s at the Glacier National Park, Montana, United States.


9. This unbelievable place is surprisingly real. At first I didn’t believe it was real so I did some research and then believed it was real. It is located at Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand.


10. Believe it or not this place isn’t fake. And also that  glowy thing falling down the mountain isn’t lava. It’s actually water and it’s a waterfall located at the Yosamite National park like the first picture.



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