Why music?

Before you disagree, keep in mind that people are different so some people do it because of this and some people do it because of another reason. I made research on this and found interesting results. So here are 5 reasons why people listen to music:

  1. Music can help people with negativity. Negativity like stress or terrible breakups and whats there to help? Music.
  2. While some people think that music might be distracting to your work, there are other people that actually need music to get good work done.
  3. Music can help you express your inner self. Music is the expression of people and can understand someone through music.
  4. Classical music can help you with the quality of sleep. Usually before a test some people would listen to 45 minutes of classical music and then would perform better in the exams or would be less stressed for it.
  5.  Ever wonder why sad people listen to sad music instead of happy music? Well one of the reason is that the music is a distraction and in this event they would listening to music with high aesthetic (concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.) value.

    Appreciate Music



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