The boring day

Today’s main topic is gonna be either playing games or watching a movie. It starts in the morning and then from there till lunch it was just me watching Christmas theme horror movies. Some of them you might not consider a horror story but it was in the Christmas theme horror movie category and I’m counting it. I jumped a few times out of my seat because of the jump scares. Most the movies I watched weren’t as terrifying as I thought but I still got a little jumpy. After that I ate lunch then went to my friends house, with my laptop, Ipad and phone. I was prepared to play some league of legends and maybe the sims. But when I got there we couldn’t play any of those games.

We couldn’t play the sims because my friend didn’t go get it downloaded and we couldn’t play league of legends because it wasn’t working on his computer. So we ended up playing different games, he was playing “Pes2017″and I was playing minecraft. After a few hours quickly passed by it was time for me to go home. When I arrived home I unpacked all the electronics, got a shower and then just played some castle clash on my Ipad. Then after I got bored of games I decided to do some random research on blog topics. I wasn’t surprised to know how many things I need to add to my blogs to make it better. But I will improve it slowly, day by day. Not gonna try to rush this whole blog thing.

Hope you enjoyed this and now I am gonna try shorter blogs. Unless you don’t like short blogs then I can go back to long blogs again.


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