Top 10 Cheese facts


The lighticle

cheese-paradise1. There are 7 types of cheese around the world and they are: -Fresh cheese -Natural Rind -Soft white cheese -Semi-soft -Hard cheeses -Blue cheeses -flavored cheeses 2. Do you think that milk is getting wasted all around the world? Well think again because to make a pound of cheese you would need 10 pounds of milk first so technically we aren't wasting milk. 3. Did you know that Greece is the largest cheese consuming area in the whole world. An average person there would eat 27.5 kg of cheese per year. 4.Well while greece has the highest consumption of cheese, America has the highest production of cheese. 5. Do you have bad teeth because of not brushing or for some other reason? Well cheese might help with that thanks to the high calcium in the cheese your teeth will get better. 6. Are you a cheese lover? Because if…

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