The after effect

Usually after a long and exhausted trip the next day some people would feel sore all around the body. This is what I would like to call the after-effect. As you know I just came back from a 4 day field trip and the day I came back I was fine. But then the very next day, which is today, I felt so sore. My breakfast had to be double so I can hopefully get some energy from it. Then I was energized for like 2 hours because of this breakfast and then I just crashed like a car crashing into a building. I could barely lift my body up and had to lie down on the floor.
After a while of doing that I ate lunch but I didn’t like it that much, so I ate only a little. Then I was feeling a little better again and decided to play some computer games thinking it might make me feel better. It didn’t make me feel better because the only games on the computer are strategy games or games that require energy. So I just watched youtube and kept lying on the ground. It wasn’t much fun at all and then my cousin visited me. I let him play the computer and he made some progress on my game. I was glad to be able to watch someone play something in real life.
Also I was supposed to go get a game downloaded and instead I am at home just chilling and not at all making any progress in any games what so ever. So then when my cousin came I was kinda happy.

Hope you enjoyed this and the main thing that happened was just being super tired.


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