Plans never go right

Today I woke up planning a very stressful day ahead of myself. The plan would start with me making some nice coffee in the morning with maybe a little snack, then I would be working on all the details of blogs and maybe a way to make some money for myself with some music in the background. I was excited about this plan in the morning. So then I started to work on it. First I made the coffee, but that wasn’t exactly coffee at all. It ended up looking like milo but tasting like plain hot water. So that part of the plan already went wrong. So I just moved on to the next part of my plan and according to the plan this part should take like 4 or 5 hours. Well as you might have guessed that wasn’t exactly what happened. I ended up doing the researching and all that stuff for like 3 hours then just went to watch some movies and played games.

So the morning didn’t go exactly as I planned but at least I made some productive time during the morning. So then I went to the evening plan. It should be lunch, games, tutor, game, dinner, blog. But of course I made a lot of adjustments to this plan. It went wrong when I decided that I should skip lunch because I was too busy playing games. Then I looked at the time and was about to be late for tutor at my friend’s house. I went there as quick as possible and then realized that I was 2 hours early. I got there at 1:00 and tutor started at 3:00. So in the meantime I played some games with my friend and then got something to eat because apparently my friend was more hungrier than I am.

We each got a little snack to eat then got tutor. After tutor I was supposed to go home then play games but of course something went wrong. My family took me to eat dinner else where and that took all the way from 5:00 until 7:30. The traffic during that didn’t really help with the time at all. So when I got home I had another plan and it was get home, shower, game, blog, research, sleep. Well surprisingly that was exactly how it went. When I got home I got a shower and then played some games, wrote a blog, research somethings about online money making and then got some sleep after all these things that went wrong.

That’s all and hoped you enjoyed this. So remember STAY CHEESY PEOPLE.


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