Worst biking journey ever Pt.3

So after we got the gift card was the moment the worst part comes in. But I didn’t know that yet so I was pretty happy I might get a free Dota 2 skin. So then he went home and I was left there alone. I tried to do the strategy of following the road to the big road. It wasn’t such a failure considering it only took 30 minutes to get back to the main road. And when I got to the main road something even worse happened. I was on the wrong side of the road so I had to ride the opposite way. And that was only the beginning. So I rode on the wrong side of the road…what’s the big deal I can just turn then go to the right side right? Well you are wrong since turning back could’ve killed me so I just went on. Then the sidewalk started to get filled with cars.

I had to get off my bike then walk it for a while. Not only that when I was riding the opposite lane I “accidentally” hit a road cleaner. All I said was sorry and just kept moving. I still felt bad for her but at least she didn’t fall down or get hurt too bad. After I started to walk my bike everybody was looking at me because I was well dressed and also had a crap ton of food why would I be walking a bike. A guy even tried to rob me during that walk but luckily he failed to do so.

After a while of walking I started to really recognize my surroundings so I started to ride the bike again. It felt way better to ride the bike and it didn’t take long to get home. When I got home I was happy and relieved but again I was behind schedule. I was supposed to get home at 12:30 not 1:20. So I tried to hurry up as quick as possible and then I instantly went to other friend’s house for tutor. When I got there I was kinda actually helping them. I filled some papers and also help decide what he should bring to the field trip. I still have no idea why we even had tutor, I mean first of all it’s the day before the field trip so shouldn’t we be having a lot of fun and second it’s the holidays, why are we learning.So in summary the worst things for biking were:

  1. Hitting somebody and running away without explanation
  2. Having to use a lot of energy mainly just to try to balance bike
  3. Wind pushing you back
  4. getting lost
  5. A lot of dust go in  your eyes

And by the end of the day all those 5 things has happened to me and I am definitely not gonna let it happen again especially hitting somebody and running away.  All this was 1 and a half hours long. If I went into detail the blog would be way longer.

So hope you enjoyed this 3 part blog and have a nice day people.


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