Worst bike journey ever Pt.2

I ordered a meatball sub and a B.L.T., my friend ordered the special 1kg sub/a meatball sub and a burrito. I’m also pretty sure that he brought over 100$ because simply he spent almost 20 at the mall on snacks and around 33 on these sandwiches. So then I checked my phone only to find out that my friend forgot to get something at the mall for our other friend that needed that item for his anniversary. So after we got the food we went back to the mall and at least the way back the wind wasn’t going against us, but something was going against me. It was all the things that I had to put on the handle of the bike. 1 side had a crap ton of snacks and the other simply had 2 subs that were not normal weight. And my was having a rough time trying to even keep these things balanced on my bike.

So we went way slower than before and I was super careful and still manage to almost hit 2 cars, almost hit a lady and accidentally hit the back of a car but there was no one in it so it’s fine. So when we got back to the mall we went to get the sticky that we forgot to get and then went to go get a steam gift card since my friend thought it be nice to get us free dota 2 skins. I thought that he was being way too generous since usually he is just the weird guy of the class.
So the way there he said was simple and I can find my way home back no problem. I thought so too so then we headed there. When we got there he said for them to get him a 50$ card for Dota 2. I was literally like “bro how much money did you bring? 100$ or something?” Then he answered with a simply yes and I was just left there shocked that he brought this much money just for shopping.



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