Worst bike journey ever pt.1

This is the story of the time that I officially had the worst bike journey ever. I had many bad ones and one of them even included me getting hit with a moto but this one was like no other. The reason was because it is all of my biking nightmares mixed into the time period of 2 hours. As usual it started out in the morning with me waking up to games and like an hour later to get breakfast. After breakfast I decided to play minecraft on my laptop until it was 10:00 because that was when I am gonna start biking with my friend to go get food.

When the time finally reached 10:00 I waited for my friend to get here and start this amazing journey. And to let you know by the end of this I regretted every last word of that. So then when my friend finally arrived at my house we started off by going to the mall. We went there first because we wanted to get snacks first and I also really regretted doing that. So at the mall we bought a crap ton of snacks. Like the bag was so huge I had to carry it instead of putting it in our bag. And I also regretted doing that because most the time I had to use a lot of energy to keep the bike balance and not make it fall to one side. But my friend on the other hand didn’t had to worry about any of this because simply I don’t trust him with this kind of balance and do not wanna be responsible for any issues that could happen and also because he is small and he might not even be able to ride properly.

So then after we left the mall we went to get some subs and sandwiches. On the way there we were riding our bikes on places that bikes are not supposed to be at and also the wind was super strong because we were by the river side and also the wind made it to where we can’t go above 15km/h. It was painful but when we finally got to the place we ordered some subs or sandwiches or anything of that topic.

Continue to the next one if you want…..



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