Can’t get worse right?

Today, of all the days wasn’t the best of days in my opinion. It’s been a really long time since I had a day as bad as this. In the morning was fine for me because it was pretty much the same….but wait something happened in the morning. So my mom found that I left my phone near my pillow and she got super pissed. The reason she was so pissed was because it is known that if you put your phone near you when you sleep the phone will produce very very little radiation to your brain but it isn’t enough to actually harm you though. My mom was worried sick and I got in trouble. So I tried to rush to school quickly. When I got to school I was late from the usual time I arrived normally. So then we went to khmer math and we just simply learned about finding the area of shapes.trouble

When that ended we went to music. I was the only boy in my class to go to violin and there are 5 girls. So usually when we play and there is a mess-up the teacher would look at me and 80% of the time I actually made the mistake. So we practiced the song we were about to play for the assembly which by the way is tomorrow. I am super scared of messing up then looking like a complete fool in front of the audience.

So after music we went to science and since we did good yesterday we watched a movie. We watched skiptrace and it was a good movie considering we watch like 40 minutes of it. So after that we went to English. The teacher collected the homework which was the advertisements and then he put them on a projector. After sharing the homework we played a game called stop the bus. That game is pretty simple, you are given categories and in this case we had 10 categories and then the teacher would pick a random letter. After that we would try to find words starting with that letter and also related to the topics we were given, after we got it all we say stop the bus then everyone has to stop writing. I am usually really bad at this game because I just don’t know it.

After English was history and there we continue to learn about the middle ages. We read things from the book then played a game. Everyone just wanted to skip to the game so they told the reader to always read fast so they can finish faster and get to the game.

We then went to math and math was separated to 2 groups. One is extended and the other is core. The people in extended got to watch a movie but for core I have no idea what they did. I like the movie we were watching because it’s funny and interesting.

So then we went to chemistry and there we just continued to work on the project of drawing the thing that I have no idea what it is called. But I know that I wasn’t really the helpful though. I mainly just erase the pencil, measured the lines for them to draw and just talk a lot.

So then we all went home and when I got home the allergy on my skin was fine and my mom wanted to go get it checked out just in case. I said “no”   and then she said “ok lets go at 4 then.”So at four I went downstairs and on the way down I realized that my hands got way worse. After the doctor visit I got 2 packs of medicine then after the shower, it spread around my body and was covering half my body. I ate dinner then instantly ate the medicine. It got less worse and I felt less itchy. So then I just worked on some html stuff just for the funs of it.

That is pretty much it and hope you enjoydanger. Remember STAY CHEESY PEOPLE!!!


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