Daily days (7)

Today was supposed to be an amazing day because I am supposed to get a laptop and also supposed to get a credit card for some business. So usually you would get super excited and probably just forget everything that you just learned at school then only think about getting those things. But i tried not to think about it too much so I did pretty good at school, not bad though but spoilers I failed another test and end up doing great in 2 other tests.

So then  in the morning I would go to school then just finish some homework/all the homework that I didn’t do last night or the night before that. Then after that we would start class and the first class is khmer math. It is always difficult for me for some reason. Everybody else seem to understand it no problem but for me its “What did you just say teacher, I didn’t understand a thing.” After that we went to swimming and since something was going on with my skin my parents didn’t allowed me to swim, so they wrote a not for me to the teacher.

When we got there I gave the teacher the notes and the teacher read it then he said that I don’t have to swim but I pretty much had to do non-stop exercises. Like 3/4 through the whole thing I pretty much just gave up and started to run like 1 meter per hour. It was painful and I couldn’t feel my legs for the whole day. While I was doing this the other boys did down-backs in the pool because they couldn’t get the counting right and the teacher let them do the down-backs. So in my opinion I say that I did less work because swimmin is harder than running. But that’s my opinion and I wanna hear your opinions.

After swimming we went to English and there we read about the opinion part of a newspaper. After that he explained about the new part of the newspaper we were about to learn which is the advertisement section. After explaining he let us stay in the same group and then he let us think of a topic to write about for the advertisements. When we got the idea we would try to draw the advertisement.

When English class was over we went to math. At math we got our test and then he went through the answers and after that he let us have free time because this is the last week before the field trip and last week of this semester. He said for the last 2 days he would show us a Christmas theme movie.

We then went to science and we handed our projects in to the teacher. That project was the decider of the last 2 days. If it looked like we put no effort we continue learning like usual, but if it’s kinda ok he would show us a documentary and if its good or he likes it he will show us a Christmas theme movie. Luckily he said it was good and let us watch a movie for the last 2 days.

After lunch was Geography and there we continued to watch the movie we been watching for 3 lessons so far. The ending was not the one I expected but it was amazing though. Also the best part of the ending was that it made like 70% of the class cried. Like only 3 boys in the class didn’t cry and there are 8 boys. But for girls I think they all cried.

Then last subject of all was the most intense for me. It was physics and our physics teacher is also the chemistry teacher so then I instantly ask the teacher for the score and I got 49 for chemistry and 37 for physics. Also both tests are out of 50. I was super hyped because usually I would fail both and just be like “Oh man, not again, but I ain’t surprised” but this time I was like “YEAH!!! I finally did it, a good score for both subjects.”

So then after school I got super excited because I can finally get a laptop and a credit card/bank account/visa card. So when I was picked up from school I just couldn’t wait. When I got home I rushed upstairs dropped off all my stuff then went there with my mom. When we got there they said my dad need to be here too because they are gonna join his card with mine. The reason for this was because I am too young to be getting a credit card and have to have an adult joined too. So after an hour and a half of answering/filling in questions I could finally go home. But my card won’t be out until 20 days from now.

So I just went home and everything was normal from there and I sincerely hope that you enjoy this blog and sorry if it is too long. SO REMEMBER STAY CHEESY PEOPLE.


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