Daily days (6)

Today was awesome and kinda stressful at the same time too. It always of course starts off in the morning with me waking up late which usually end up in me getting kicked by my dad. After the shower usually I would have breakfast and would have eaten like a bite but when you have pizza for breakfast you just gotta eat it all. So then I went to school all excited and ready for the day but when I got to school of course I realize there is 1 test today and I have not finished the one and only homework I had.

So sneakily I did that homework in the first class I had and managed to finish it in like 5 minutes or something. I was happy I had no more worries for today except for that one test I still have left. After that first class we went to English and then continued our lesson about the news writing thing and this time we learn about the opinion part of the news paper. I was pretty excited about this because I like writing even though I really suck at it.

After english is recess and I was supposed to be at the recess area but could not make it there because I had violin practice and I was pretty nervous because if I make a mistake and everyone else is fine, that would be really embarrassing. But I manage to pull it off with a little bit of luck and did not make any noticeable mistakes during the practice.

After that was Geography and there we continued the movie we were watching and it was a great movie even though I was huungry during the movie I still enjoyed it no matter what. We were not able to finish the movie and we will continue tomorrow and I can’t wait to watch it. Well I’m always excited to watch any movie in any class as long as the movie isn’t super boring.

So after that was math and this was the test time. All the students had their calculators out and their rulers with pens. While for me at the back I had a pen, no calculator and also had a big ruler instead of a 30cm one I had a 60cm ruler. It was difficult for me definitely especially drawing the graphs was the hardest one of all for me. After the test we were not allowed to speak so we stayed silent until it was time. That also was difficult because if you know me, you would know that I can’t stay silent for longer than  like 2 minutes and we had 10 minutes left on the clock. When it was finally time to go I was not so excited because we are one step closer to P.E.

At science which is the class before lunch which is the subject before P.E, we continue learning about the carbon cycle and was able to learn about the carbon going into the atmosphere. It was somewhat exciting but answering the questions was not exciting, well answering questions is never exciting for me at all.

Next was P.E. We did the usual warm-up and of course all of my energy was drained just from the warm-up. After the warm-up we played kickball. For you that don’t know what kickball is it’s a sport that in pretty much the exact same thing except instead of hitting the ball with a bat you kick it and the rules are pretty much the same. So we played that sport and my team won, The only reason my team actually won was because of the teacher’s help and surprisingly only I noticed it. A few people got a ball to the nuts but I’m pretty sure that they are fine just because us people are strong.

After P.E. we went to another class which I forgot the name of the subject. So the teacher wasn’t here for whatever reason and the substitute is the principal. We were all on our best behaviors, avoiding the uses of bad words or teasing or being loud or walking in and out of class. After that super stressful and quiet class we all went home.

When I got home the schedule was supposed to be get credit card, change sim card on phone, eat, games, blogs, games and then sleep. But in reality it actually went like this didn’t get credit card, change sim card, eat, game,blog, faint of exhaustion.

So that’s all for the blog today and hope it wasn’t too long. so STAY CHEESY PEOPLE.


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